Oliver film festival

December 2007

To celebrate my son’s 2nd birthday, I made three videos that I showed at his birthday party. Each video offered a new opportunity to explore different video editing techniques. I also used this opportunity to open an account with blip.tv in order to compare its hosting features with that of YouTube. I describe each of these videos on my family blog, but will try to do so again here, focusing more on the technical aspects.

Papie, Pizza, & Poop: An Exploration of Oliver’s First Words

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Adventures with Mindi Poppins


Exploring Dinkytown: Cummings Books

September 2007

This video was made as a class assignment for a digital writing course. It was my first stab at bringing together multiple piece of video with a voice over. Writing the voice over to match the images AND convey the historical representation of Cummings Books was much more difficult than I expected it would be.

For more description of my production process both writing the voice over and editing, see my cyborgsdodance blog entry written right after publishing the video online.

Here are some other Cumming’s Books inspired videos (much better crafted than mine)

Bookstore Stories

Browsing for Used Books

Cummings Critters

California with Grandma

July 2007

This is the first video slide show I made.  I used one of the iMovie templates as an introduction.  I remember making this very quickly and being surprised as how fast I had a finished product by just dragging in photos. At the same time, the piece was very powerful when I shared it with family. I remember that my step-mother even cried when watching it. This is when I first started thinking about how digital storytelling could be a gift.

playing with my new toy

March 2007

This is the first movie I every made with iMovie. I had just recently received my first MacBook and was playing around with all of its features. I wouldn’t really call it a movie.  It is more of a mashing together of random photos and footage to try out different editing effects like title slides, transitions, and special effects. All that said, I remember being VERY excited when I made it, so proud of my accomplishment that I even posted it on my blog back in March of 2007. (Posting: GlueTube Goodies).

I include it here, not because I find it worthy of watching for 3 minutes, but rather  as an homage to beginnings. We all have them and NEED them.

a visual portfolio

The power of portfolios (online or off) for reflection on learning is the impetus behind this blog.

Distinct from my personal family blog and my professional blog, this blog is meant to gather together my own work as I develop in my skills to compose using sound, image, and motion.